First Friday Santa Cruz is dedicated to supporting the cultural advancement of Santa Cruz through promoting Artists.


How to participate as an artist:

Each venue is responsible for finding and arranging with their own First Friday Artist. Every venue has a different relationship with its artists and with First Friday. Some venues are booked as far as a year in advance and have a very structured process for selecting artists. Other venues don’t know who they will feature a week before the submission deadline and are hoping you will come through the door.

3 ways to find venues:

  1. Look at this months participating venues and find artists who share a similar sensibility with the work that you would like to show. Find the venue profile in the “Venues” listing and email them a link to your work.
  2. Sign up for the First Friday Artists Registry. It costs $25 for a year and your work will be up where venues and others are looking.
  3. Create your own venue. There are lots of businesses who would likely participate as a First Friday venue if they had someone to help coordinate it. If you have a relationship with a potential venue – check out the Information for new venues.

If none of those work, there’s always the possibility of creating a site specific installation somewhere. If you have ideas and would like help, contact us.