1233 Pacific Ave.

Santa Cruz

“Berdels is so dang cool,” as mentioned by Kelly Slater’s friend earlier this year.  

Berdels is a new men’s clothing store / skate shop located on the corner of Pacific Ave. and Walnut Ave.  There is also some girls stuff here too.  Berdels is a California beach lifestyle store featuring local brands like Recess, Thieves, Ventana and Uroko as well as heritage brands such as Patagonia, Levi’s and Dickies.  This amazing store also has many brands that no one has ever heard of.  It is hard to describe this cutting edge store that has been referenced by Einstein to be “years ahead of the future.”  You have to come in to experience Berdels for yourself in order to maybe figure it out 🙂

This entire paragraph makes no sense but the crew at Berdels is having fun and we hope to share that with all of our customers and spread good vibes throughout the city of Santa Cruz.

Downtown, Venue
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