Bhody – Janet Allinger

5:00 pm – 8:30 pm

1526 Pacific Ave.

Santa Cruz

Bhody is proud to be collaborating with Janet Allinger for our November First Friday Artist!  Janet moved to Santa Cruz from Detroit after working 14 years in the Automotive industry doing graphic design. Now, after a 10 year break from the fine art scene, Janet is back and making fine art with the medium of torn paper on wood.  Janet uses vintage books and magazines to create portraits of saints, cowboys and girls, and other characters.

You could not find kinder testimonials of Janet Allinger’s professional graphic design and the creative spirit that translates to from business to fine art. Janet says her goals are to always keep learning and perfecting her design and illustrative skills!

Special Musical Guest:

— Jesse, E.T. & Esther —We bring you a dynamic and diverse evening oforiginal songs and music to open your heart, lift yourspirit, deepen your soul and move your feet.Jesse gives us Soul music that opens the heart —think a mix of Otis Reading, Elvis, and the RighteousBrothers — E.T. stirs up Sprite Spirits and gets theheart dancing — think a mix of Michael Franti, Nahko &Medicine for the People, and elves — Esther brings amix of Pete Seeger, gospel and a touch of Country Zen!

November, November Downtown
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