Bhody – Scott Mehner

5:00 pm – 8:30 pm

1526 Pacific Ave.

Santa Cruz

Bhody is proud to be showcasing Scott Mehner on July 7th for the next Santa Cruz First Friday! We welcome him and his fantastic brand of poetry and art and we are very excited to see what he will be showing at BHODY for his exhibit!

The Artist’s Statement:

Scott C. Mehner is — in a word — a writer.  With his roots firmly planted in the rich soil of romantic poetry, Scott has been able to branch out and work creatively with words in a wide variety of mediums.  He got his start ghostwriting in the music business, where he learned to take his time when crafting a meaningful lyric.  Over the years, Scott has also come to learn that collaboration is the key to creating something bigger than the individual.  It is this experience and knowledge that has empowered Scott to rise to the challenge of his latest project:  He has successfully commissioned twenty artists and calligraphers from all around the world to illustrate a collection of his poems, the overarching themes of which are love and nature.  Scott’s illustrated poems prove a happy marriage between modern visual art and traditional lyrical poetry, all brought together with the help of today’s technology..

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