Botanic and Luxe – Janet Silverglate

5:00 pm – 8:30 pm

701A Front Street

Santa Cruz

Please join Santa Cruz based artist, Janet Silverglate, Friday August 4th as she features her stunning Assemblage and Mixed Media work on the walls of Botanic and Luxe.  Janet has a background in Art History and Dance and has always been a designer of may disciplines.  As an avid treasure hunter she has finally found her art form in Assemblage and Mixed Media.  In using salvaged, found, recycled materials to create works of art, she has come to love the process of design and construction.  Each piece is one of a kind, unique in the relationship of the elements to each other and to the vision she creates.  Janet’s work will be up for the entire month of August, so if you can’t make it for First Friday, please stop by later to check out her inspiring works!  

Artist Statement:

As an artist, I am always looking at the abundance of objects that are out in the world.  So many things are designed, manufactured, used briefly and then discarded.  I try to see these objects differently: the shape, texture, movement, quality and the imprint of time.  I take discarded material and use it in a way that highlights the special quality I see in it.  I look at the grain of wood, lines of metal, the beauty of rust markings, the shape of a seedpod, the sharp angle yet rounded head of a nail.  I want to reassess what garbage is and how something is used.  I want to question the buying and manufacturing of useless, redundant stuff.

August, August Downtown
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