Food Lounge – Grant Stoner

5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

1001 Center Street, Suite 1

Downtown Santa Cruz

Artist: Grant Stoner 

I drew as a child, but never continued or even thought about art, until visiting a few modern art museums in the past decade. It inspired me, and I knew somehow I could contribute something to the art world. I have been a musician for many years, and I see visual art as being closely related. Texture, color, rhythm and harmony are all interwoven. I felt that if I could create music, I could create art.

I use a variety of paints and techniques, rarely using a brush. Sometimes formulated, but oftentimes unpredictable, the paintings seem to come to life.

I’ve always preferred abstract art. I like the way it can represent the subconscious, both to me as a painter, and to the viewer. To quote Paul Klee, ” Art doesn’t reproduce what we can see, it makes it visible”.

Pop-Up: Hanloh Thai Food – Chef Lalita Kaewsawang

Musical Guest: Gary Carpenter

November, November Downtown
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