Food Lounge – Jessie Marie, Simone Renee Cardona, Cristina Valdez

5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

1001 Center Street, Suite 1

Downtown Santa Cruz

Artist: JESSIE MARIE  Jessie Marie is an urban modern artist with vast influences, so many styles and creative techniques have helped her become who she is on and off the page, and the learning never ceases.  She has had the luxury of living and evolving as an artist throughout the bay area for most of her life, be it through music, poetry, and as a visual artist. Though falling in love with visual art in her late teens, she started doing live art in the SF and Berkeley music scene around 2007 and has collabed and fostered creativity publically ever since. Knowing so many performers and artists doing their thing, growing up and out, is indeed something to dream of… She loves learning and evolving through life’s experiences and bringing her creativity to the surface as often as possible;  She breathes through the canvasses her fingers bleed life into as if she would suffocate without this practice.  Contact Jessie at: FB Artist Page:

ARTIST: SIMONE RENEE CARDONA  Simone has been painting and producing art for most of her life. Exploring themes of nature, spirituality, culture, and the divine feminine, her artwork comes to life off the canvas. As a mixed woman herself, she often depicts subjects with mixed cultural background, exploring themes of identity. Her subjects are often immersed in ethereal environments that glow with vibrant color and light. They represent a sacred connection of all elements in the universe. Simone produces art from the lense of social and environmental justice. A mostly self-taught artist, she develops her work while pursuing her passion for movement building, community organizing, and a safe and healthy climate. Simone has also been involved in spoken word poetry for many years, and continues to organize and participate in art events that showcase many forms of art. Her work has recently been featured in the SF Bay Area at Trapxart events and the Mama De Luna Art Gallery.  Instagram Artist Profile: @snflwr.src  Facebook Page:  Email:

ARTIST: CRISTINA VALDEZ  At the intersection of natural phenomena and human existence lies the art of Cristina Valdez. Inspired by the complexity of emotion, Cristina paints her subjects against earthly elements to illustrate their ability to cultivate and harness the same resiliency, strength, forgiveness, and care within themselves, just as the universe does each day. Cristina Valdez was born in Oceanside, California and traveled to Santa Cruz in 2012 to pursue a degree in Art from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She currently teaches painting and printmaking at the Claraty Arts Project – a local studio that supports adults living with developmental disabilities through art education, training, expression and production.

Musical Guests:

Mesha L & SPC-CDT - A production and lyrical tandem. These two have been making experimental hip-hop together for three years now, including 2015′s “Who Is America?” & 2016′s “Junkyard EP”. The two currently both reside in Santa Cruz, CA and are working on their next music project.  SoundCloud: Spotify: Spc-Cdt Email:

Khan - Khan is a Hip Hop artist performing material from his latest mixtape Strike Anywhere. A Santa Cruz transplant from Modesto, in Cali’s Central Valley, Khan flips lyrical styles that stimulate the mind and keep heads noddin’ over boom bap beats. Khan’s many collaborations with local artists will likely bring other performers to the stage, so you don’t want to miss this one. Links: SoundCloud: “Cruzin” single out on YouTube

Pop-Up: Tanglewood Chef Rachel Hughes

April, April Downtown
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