Food Lounge – Thomas Peter Kochheim

5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

1001 Center Street, Suite 1

Downtown Santa Cruz

Artist: Thomas Peter Kochheim 

Thomas Peter Kochheim has been a Santa Cruz resident for close to thirty years. He has also lived in New York City, Cleveland and Casper, Wyoming. He was born in Los Angeles. He is a self-taught artist. He does not know the rules while he breaks them. He likes faces and uses any medium he can get his hands on to create them. Thomas is a memeber of Santa Cruz’s amazing recovery community and his pictures reflect the hell that he has returned from. October is a great month to show his collection because frankly, his art is a little scary. This collection is a retrospective of the art that he has made in the last twenty years. These paintings have never been shown in public before and they are a testament to him not giving up. 

Pop-Up: Chef Rick Gonzales of Fogline Farms

Musical Guest: Thomas Kochheim & Friends

Thomas is a talented musican and frequent performer at the Food Lounge Open Mic. He will be joined with other Open Mic musicians and provide great entertainment throughout the evening.

October, October Downtown
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