Gallery 125 – Andrew Purchin, Beth Shields, Chela Zabin, Fanne Fernow, Jean Sheckler Beebe, Joan Hellenthal, Lynne Todaro

6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

1050 River St. Space #125

Santa Cruz

Join the 7 artists of Gallery 125 at the Tannery Arts Center for our second First Friday celebration!

Beth Shields, evocative abstract oil paintings

Jean Sheckler Beebe, bold painting, collage and mixed media assemblage

Lynne Todaro, sculpture, mixed media art and silversmithing

Andrew Purchin, mixed media paintings: motion, figure and landscape intertwine

Chela Zabin, marine creatures & florals in rich saturated watercolor

Joan Hellenthal, painterly colorful landscapes & still life in pastel or oil

Fanne Fernow, 2 & 3 dimensional pieces painted with encaustic paint. Bright color. Dots!

March, March Tannery
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