HealthMarkets – Amy B. Steinberg

5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

505-A River St

Santa Cruz

for the Month of April we have Amy B. Steinberg! You can see her work at Gallery 505 for one whole month. 

505 River St, 95060

     Combining figurative work, surrealism and assemblage, I create mixed media pieces. Much of my work represents stories about people from the south, the place I called home for many years. Other pieces express my love of beach living and birds. I enjoy collecting hardware to add as 3/d elements to my artwork. I believe visual bridges can be built in place of using earthly words. 

     My hope is that you connect with my figures and their stories or even my quirky beach scenes. I am so thankful to be a full time artist close to the waters edge. 

April, April River Street
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