Hive & Hum – Cindy Mori

5:00 pm – 8:30 pm

415-B River Street

Santa Cruz

Painting is so much fun and also so much “inner work”. I like to call the process I do…”Joyful Detachment”. I use a layering process of various marks and colors with acrylics, pastel crayons, pencils etc. and try to find images in my painting. It is also called intuitive art. Some call it process art. Either way, part of the process is to detach from the expected outcome and to see what wants to come out. It is about connecting to the creative energy that is within. I love to try all kinds of techniques and also learn from different teachers. One teacher who has influenced my art is Jesse Reno. Another teacher is Flora Bowley. I am continuing to connect with other teachers as well and find the adventure never ending. There are so many possibilities!

-Cindy Mori

May, May River Street
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