Hive & Hum – Cynthia Spillman

5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

415-B River Street

Santa Cruz

Hive and Hum is happy to host local encaustic artist Cynthia Spillman. Enjoy our signature Bees Knees cocktail, meet Cynthia, and get a closer look (and touch!) of her Wabi-sabi inspired layered beeswax creations!

“My work is primarily instinctive. Something known is revealed through action and trust. Pure open presence and awareness to the impulse’s that arise moment by moment inform color, line and narrative. Polar experience’s in life: diving and surfacing, movement and stillness, intention and letting go; these leave psychic etchings that seem to play out as a piece unfolds. Forms emerge out of layers of wax and paint (Encaustic) and take on unintentional shapes/figures alongside deliberate marks. I have decided to show up, be visible, courageous and fearless.  Self awareness leads to the true authentic expression of the individual. It is beautiful and exhilarating.”  -Cynthia Spillman

November, November River Street
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