L’Atelier Salon – Vera Aronson and Lynn Lundstrom Swanger

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

114 Pearl Alley

Santa Cruz

Vera Aronson

“I grew up in Budapest. I loved to draw as a child and loved looking at art, especially sculpture. I was 17 years old when I came to the United States. A semester in life drawing and one in sculpture in college was the only education in art I had, until 2009 when I took a class in watercolor. This started one of the great passions of my old age. A couple of years ago my good friend, Lynn Swanger got Andrea Borsuk to teach us Monotypes. With Andrea, an enthusiastic and encouraging teacher, and Lynn, who inspires me with her childlike freedom to create, this has been a joyous process – freeing me to experiment with colors, shapes and textures and in the process to learn more about myself in the company of these two women whom I love.”

Lynn Lundstrom Swanger

“I have loved making art since I was a young girl growing up in Minnesota. Whenever an opportunity came my way, I jumped at it! I have taken classes at three different colleges but felt l needed to take more academic courses and a major that would take me somewhere— what nonsense! Having had some previous classes and merely scribbling on my notes when I was back in school, I wasn’t prepared for the abundance of joy I’ve received from working with Andrea and Vera over these couple of years of exquisite Saturdays!”

Andrea Borsuk

“I have been visiting the home of Lynn Swanger for the past 3 years. Every Saturday morning Lynn, Vera and I work at her kitchen table and create mixed- media monotypes. I am a guide and a witness to watching two extraordinary friends inspire one another and delight in a conversation that is beyond words. I feel so grateful and honored that I get to spend joyous, precious time with them.”

April, April Downtown
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