Lúpulo Craft Beer House – Viv Lynn

5:30 pm – 10:30 pm

233 Cathcart St.

Santa Cruz

Renoir, Seurat, Kathleen Petyarre, Clifford Possum, all spoke a language and each stroke of their brush, put together, tells a powerful story. Viv’s stories begin with a specific series of dots, and has been categorized as a new style of pointillism. 

Having spent 26 years living in Australia and becoming a student of Aboriginal Art and Folklore, she is heavily influenced by those artists’ deep understanding of the natural forces of the earth, the inhabitant flora and fauna and indeed the total cosmos in which man, woman, animals, nature and natural phenomena are all linked.  Central to Aboriginal belief is the Tjukurra, their ‘creation time’ when ancestral human, animal, plant, and insect form engaged in epic struggles to form the landscape.  The artists’ strokes and symbols tell these stories in the Aboriginal art we see today.   Her current work is inspired by natural topographic phenomena as seen from above the earth and by the structural man made form we see in our urban environments.  Viv’s intuitive vision guides her to lay down those lines on canvas. Each piece is like a map of a particular place and time and each seems to have its own pulse.

April, April Downtown
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