Mandala Holistic Hair and Wellness Studio – Amanda Prairiewind Hess

6:30 pm – 10:00 pm

107 River St.

Santa Cruz

We welcome you to our First Friday party and art show, featuring artist Amanda Prairiewind Hess, at Mandala Holistic Hair & Wellness Studio. 

About The Artist:

Amanda Prairiewind Hess

Owner/Designer/Artist at Ev & No

Artist Statement:

As with many artists, at a young age I became aware that creating made me feel good.  My best. The motivation behind my artwork remains the same today.  It lends a great sense of purpose to my time here.  There is no angle of manipulation from my side and overthinking the ‘meaning’ or message is not my cup of tea.  Without over-planning or calculation, I make a mark and it evolves from there.  The full image finds its way out to me through my trust in the PROCESS.  Certain forms and symbols are familiar to my eye and hand so appear often in my pieces.  I find comfort in, and appreciate, the repetitive aspects of mark-making and how meditative it can be.   Contemplation of the micro:macro, multiple dimensions, time passage and measurements, past:PRESENT:future, chance and choices, belief and confidence, energetic transfers, interconnectedness and release are among many thoughts that inspire my artwork.  It is also very personal and deeply rooted in my emotional experience as a human being.  The journey of creating has its ups and downs but the satisfaction of working through it and seeing it to completion, is one of the most gratifying experiences I have found.  My work is one of my most precious offerings I have to give and I send it into the universe with love and confidence!

EDUCATION: 2003 Integrated Studio Arts BA – Iowa State University, Ames, IA/University of Ulster, Belfast, Northern Ireland


* Juried Exhibitions:  2002 BFA Senior Exhibition, Gallery 181, College of Design, Ames, IA Design Annual, 2002, Gallery 181, College of Design, Ames, IA Orientation Invitational 2002, Pioneer Room, Memorial Union, Ames, IA Gallery Walk, June 2005, The Cottage Bakery and Cafe, Iowa City, IA

* Publications: Sketch, Spring 2002, Volume 66.2 ‘Blue Self’

* Solo Exhibitions:

February 2009, Elsie’s Tavern, Santa Barbara, CA July 2011, Drishti Yoga Essentials, Santa Barbara, CA August 2012, Nut Kreations, Santa Cruz, CA October 2012, Ugly Mug, Soquel, CA February 2013, Motiv, Santa Cruz, CA

May 2017, Opening/Launch of my business, Ev & No

AWARDS: * 2003 Purchase Prize Award, Iowa City Public Library, Iowa City, IA

In conjunction with the display of Amanda’s work, we will be having music, a drum circle, tea service and a kava or cacao ceremony!

Bring your friends and join our community for a celebration of creativity!

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