Mandala Holistic Hair and Wellness Studio – Miranda Powell

6:30 pm – 10:00 pm

107 River St.

Santa Cruz

We welcome you to our First Friday Party and art show featuring artist Miranda Powell at Mandala Holistic Hair & Wellness Studio. 

Miranda is a graduate of the Memphis College of Art with a BFA and an emphasis in Photography.  She is also interested in Fiber Arts, Ceramics, Illustration, and Painting.  

She spent a semester in New York, absorbing and learning from other artists in the area.  She participated in the New York Studio Program.  Here, she focused her work around displaying insecurities and public reactions in these spaces. 

Her inspirations collect and build from her travels, the landscape, other artists, and the interactions and experiences that are formed.  She is particularly drawn to color, changing of seasons, nature, traditions,  and the relationships between herself and these things.

In conjunction with the display of Miranda’s work we will be having live music, a drum circle, tea service, a kava ceremony and dancing with a live DJ!

Bring your friends and join our community for a celebration of creativity!

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