Om Gallery – Scott Mehner

6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

1201 Pacific Ave.

Santa Cruz

Scott Christopher Mehner is a creative writer with his roots firmly planted in the rich soil of romantic poetry.   He has a history of collaborating with other artists, thereby providing his writing with a wide variety of platforms.  Working as a ghostwriter in the music business throughout the last decade has afforded Scott an opportunity to sharpen his skills as a lyrical poet, and to become familiar with the creative process of collaboration.  In his latest obsession, Scott has commissioned over twenty artists from all around the world to illustrate his book of poems, successfully stealing a page out of the book of William Blake.  With love and nature being the over-ruling themes, Scott’s illustrated poetry proves a happy marriage of visual art coupled with traditional lyrical poetry, all brought together with the help of today’s technology.


April, April Downtown
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