Pacific Wave Surf Shop – Ethan Powers

6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

1502 Pacific Avenue

Santa Cruz

Ethan is a Santa Cruz artist currently living in San Luis Obispo where he studies Biology at Cal Poly. Art is a passion of his, however becoming a professional artist is not his end goal. He hopes to one day become a medical professional and work in under serviced countries with limited medical resources. 

“The vastness of the ocean has provided me with a peaceful escape from the busy American way of life. I grew up in the Santa Cruz mountains and would often long to get out of the trees and hang out along the open coast. One of my first paintings was actually a simplistic beach scene on the wall of my bedroom. At the time I was not yet old enough to drive myself to the beach, so the beach mural provided me with a way to look out at the ocean without physically being there. Surfing, and exploring the many stops along the PCH have been a big part of my life and is definitely expressed through my artwork. My earlier work was aimed at directly replicating different locations along the coast as a means of taking them home with me. Now my work includes more surreal elements. I have found that there is something very satisfying about bringing to life an idea that previously existed only in my head, rather than trying to recreate something directly as it already exists.” 

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