PF Atelier – Katie Vigil, Maura Carta, Belinda Ortis, Himani Natu, Pablo Cutangbang, Jennifer de Groat, Deana Fukatsu, Annette Nemes, Alaya Vautier, Paola Favatà

5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

2027 N. Pacific Ave, Suite C

Santa Cruz

Katie Vigil is the creative and colorful featured artist of our April Group Exhibition. Her free, meticolous, and uncanonical acrylics and collages makes us proud to have her in our Gallery. We have chosen to celebrate with her artwork the arrival of the Spring.

Maura Carta will show her oil paintings, and we are honoured for it. She moves naturally between still life and landscape, and in both she is able to create the same sense of space and enchantment. 

Belinda Ortis is the third artist of our Group Exhibition. Her acrylic and oil perfectly drawn geometrical paintings are inexplicably hypnotizing. She draws them singing a healing mantra, and each one takes its own healing path. Fascinating to say the least. 

Among the art jewelers we are happy to introduce two new talents:

Himani Natu will show very charming sterling silver pieces etched with copper or mixed with gold, and all defined by intricate patterns.

Pablo Cutangbang will show exquisite works in sterling silver and gold filigree, very classic and right to be worn with very aggressive leather, or manly outfit, as a soft touch.

Finally, for the last month, we will carry new works of the art jewelers: Jennifer De Groat, known for her handstamped and glass enameled sterling silver, Deana Fukatsu, with her Kabuki Style sterling silver, Annette Nemes and her cast and fabricated studio jewelry, Alaya Vautier with her stamped studio jewelry, and Paola Favatà, with fabricated studio jewelry with gems.

PF Atelier this month will introduce “Art Talks” on the 22nd of April, from 5:00 to 9:00 pm. It will be a gathering with the artists, where they will explain their techniques, the stories behind the paintings or artworks in the Exhibition, and will be available to questions from the guests. Light refreshments will be served. 

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