Pure Pleasure – Frank Leonard

6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

111 Cooper Street

Santa Cruz

Frank Leonard is a landscape, fine art nude figure, and astronomy photographer. He loves each of these genres and sometimes combines all of them into a single image. His two main bodies of work are The Nude As Nature, and Celestial Bodies. 

Frank has loved photography since the age of 12. In all that time he has considered himself a realist, a photographer who wants to represent that which is actually in front of him.  Well, old dogs can learn new tricks.  Recently he has begun to combine elements of the three genres of photography he loves most: landscapes, the female figure, and astronomy.  He feels like he has tapped into a very open ended, out of the box kind of creativity that he didn’t know he had within himself.  http://www.frankleonardphotography.com/

Come on out and enjoy this unique and varied body of work.

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