Pure Pleasure – May is for Merkins

6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

111 Cooper Street

Santa Cruz

Pure Pleasure is hosting a show that will celebrate the everyone’s favorite warm fuzzy: The Hair Down There.

In sexy, playful defiance of any personal and private beauty standards, it’s time to get creative and celebrate The Hair Down There. What are we talking about? Take a look: Merkins!  A sort of pubic wig, of course! In modern life, there has been a lot of pressure to denude the mons pubis, requiring lots of sometimes painful and expensive hair removal and maintenance, and also social anxiety, which has led some to tough stuff including labial cosmetic surgery…. Let’s bring back the short and curlies, and celebrate real choice in How We Wear The Hair Down There. 

The pieces displayed will be created by individuals, and will be available for purchase. Proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood. So come to celebrate and support Planned Parenthood.

But wait there is more…. Artefacet will be here offering handmade macramé Swarovski crystal charm bracelets, which are not only unique, but also have a classy and casual presence that looks great with any outfit or style. They can be very simple worn alone, as well as stand out by being layered. I also have a small selection of long antiqued bronze necklaces.  

May, May Downtown
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