R. Blitzer Gallery – SCRAP-Santa Cruz Recycled Art Project

5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

2801 Mission Street

Santa Cruz


The Santa Cruz Recycled Art Program (SCRAP) offers selected artists access to the waste stream at the City’s Resource Recovery Facility on Dimeo Lane with the mission of highlighting our growing landfill problem and culture of waste. The City has a goal of 75% waste diversion goal by 2020 and SCRAP is just one way the City is encouraging people to think differently about their own trash.  SCRAP artists spend 4 months gleaning metal, wood, paper, and just about everything imaginable to make art.

2018 Artists:

Ann Allstat, Vicki Assegued, Lucas Elmer & Chris Cravey,Cheryl Moreno, Lynne Todaro

Melody Overstreet, writer, Dina El Dessouky, writer, Lisa Ortiz, writer

Artists’ Talk Saturday February 17, 12 -2 pm

February, February Westside
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