Rare Bird Salon – Kristin Gustavson

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

227 Cathcart Street

Santa Cruz

      As a second generation artist I have been studying art under the direction of my father for all my life in one way or another. Influenced by art all my life, I’ve always had the goal of becoming an accomplished artist.   I can’t imagine a time when I wasn’t out in the studio, right under foot, working on all kinds of art creations.

       I find it interesting that sometimes the brain has more it wants to say then we have time to let it.  Obviously, I express myself in images.  At first, these images start as pictures burned in my brain like negatives of a film roll (remember those?), I wrestle them to fit my life.  I wrestle them to stay put until I have time for them.  The longer they sit the more they disrupt my sleep invading my dreams like ants on a sticky spot on the kitchen counter that someone forgot to wipe up.  Eventually, I give in and let them have their day in the sun making their way from my head to my fingers.  

   Working at getting an abstract, yet realistic look to my paintings I use objects people are familiar with, altering them to some extent to add mypersonal style and get out that image that has been on the tips of my fingers, itching to be shared with the world.  

    In this world where we never know what changes tomorrow will bring, what losses we may have to deal with or what new perspective we might gain on life, I don’t know what I would do without art.  Art is a release that calms my psyche and allows me to speak when I have no words. 



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