Santa Cruz County Veterans Memorial Building

846 Front St.

Santa Cruz

The Santa Cruz County Veterans Memorial Building (SCCVMB) is a multipurpose facility who’s principle goal and mission is to help veterans, veteran organizations, and their families in our community.  The SCCVMB is also a community recreation and cultural center servicing public functions and provides rental space for numerous educational and cultural organizations and activities.

To further our mission, the SCCVMB aims to cultivate the following goals:

Retain the first priority of the SCCVMB use for veterans affairs, both the governmental programs presently using the SCCVMB and the veterans organizational activities, present and future, requiring space in the SCCVMB. Promote public education in the arts. Honor the SCCVMB’s status as a registered historical building. Cultivate use of the SCCVMB by rent paying community groups. Develop the auditorium into an attractive facility for concerts productions, dramatic performances, and other performing and fine arts classes.

Downtown, Venue
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