Santa Cruz Zen Center – Santa Cruz Zen Center Artists

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

115 School Street

Santa Cruz

Shelly Errington is a photographer, writer, cartoonist, and anthropologist who takes special pleasure photographing what seems ordinary and is often overlooked, capturing moments of light, texture, and color, often creating Intimate landscapes that are somewhat abstract, often surprising, and usually beautiful. 

Stone sculptor, Mike McClellan, draws inspiration from architectural shape and proportion. Hepworth, Brancusi, and Noguchi are his strongest influences. His sculptures are characterized by bold, sweeping forms and the balance between the stone’s weight and the air that flows through and around the negative spaces.

Sasha Neese’s work is an exploration of finding calm and wonder in a world of constant change and instability. Her black and white works, inspired by the great works of Ansel Adams, are translated into the medium of acrylic paints. Sasha hopes to convey her sense of awe and gratitude for the world around her and bring the viewer into the realm where dreaming and reality find balance, and the story begins.


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