Santa Cruz Zen Center – Santa Cruz Zen Center Artists

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

115 School Street

Santa Cruz

Carole Rossi is a quilt & fiber artist. Creating art is not just important to Carole – it is how she thrives. The smell of fabric, the colors, the textures – it is her passion and her joy.  Currently, Carole uses improvisational piecing techniques, creating abstract as well as fanciful representational images loosely based on her photographs of places well travelled and loved. Every day she learns something new through her art and is excited to share her creations with others.

Marilyn Kuksht has been a full time sculptor for many years creating works primarily in steel and cast bronze. In her work we see at play elements of energy, juxtaposition, tension, flow, and intrigue. Sculpting for Kuksht is a vital means to blend and express artistic and social statements. Her works range from small pedestal pieces to large outdoor sculptures that appear in collections in Europe and Asia as well as throughout the United States.

Deborah Good, “We live in two worlds, the external world of appearances and the inner, invisible, psychological world. Both worlds are composed of and influenced by energies and forces which are not usually apparent to the eye, yet can be perceived intuitively by the wisdom of the heart. The paintings in the “Life Forces” series, are the expression of a need to understand the necessity and nature of human existence, the unseen forces influencing our behavior and how humanity fits into the great scheme of the Universe.”


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