Sesnon Underground – Charles Griffin Farr & UCSC Art Students

5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Porter College, Room D140, University of California – Santa Cruz, 1156 High Street

Santa Cruz

The Sesnon Underground is proud to present the 1st annual Underground Figurative Show – a collection of student works in conversation with late Bay Area artist Charles Griffin Farr. The exhibition showcases the transformation and diverse ways in which the figure can be illustrated and formed.

Venue is easily accesible and free to anyone and everyone!


Charles Griffin Farr

Luis Contreras

Ezzie DeGiovanni

Bridget Star Harrison

Nick Lazar

Micael Nuñez

Lia Pierce

Solana Rose

Sydney Rosendale

Mason Scharer

Katinka Van Dyke

April, April Westside
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