Stripe MEN – Akiva Levi

5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

117 Walnut Ave

Santa Cruz

Continuum is a collection of “visual meditations” inspired by nature; an exploration of gestural line work, shape and color. Each piece stems from dozens of hand-drawn minimalist illustrations suggesting natural or imagined landscapes. The intent was to create subjective work that invites an exercise in perceptive agency and sense of relativity for the viewer. Repetition, continuity and connectedness are some of the more inherent qualities. There are also moments of resistance; when blocks of color, the edge of a mountain, or the linework that holds everything together oversteps the frame. These attributes speak to larger existential themes and how we choose to define, interpret, or contextualize what we see.

Akiva Levi is a multimedia artist born in Santa Monica, CA. He attended UCSC, receiving a B.A. in Fine Arts in 2010, with an emphasis in sculpture and installation. His body of creative work includes illustration, watercolor, hand-lettering, graphic design and metal sculpture. He is a professional illustrator, graphic designer, and branding consultant currently serving as in-house creative for Verve Coffee Roasters. He lives in Santa Cruz with his partner and very large cat.

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