Stripe MEN – Brian Rounds

5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

117 Walnut Ave

Santa Cruz

Art has the power to instill within us a sense of belonging.  I grew up in the Bay Area where rapid suburban development resulted in a dichotomous landscape–places of commerce and consumption intermixed with patches of land left somewhat wild.  While “the grid” provides certain benefits, the trails, creeks, and forests of the foothills present something indispensable–a respite from the culture of commodity, and a much needed contact with the ancient and nameless.  My landscape paintings offer a sanctuary, a meditation, a point from which one can follow along and perhaps lose oneself among the contours of nature.  So begins the process of building up a small reflection of the world before me—a thoroughly absorbing task urged on by gradual and changing passage of light.  Through the act of painting outdoors, I hope to express the unique and mysterious pull that landscape holds when we feel connected to it.

May, May Downtown
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