Stripe – Sarah Sanford

5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

107 Walnut Ave

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz artist Sarah Sanford combines photography, printmaking, drawing and installation to create hidden worlds of biological landscapes and scientific abstractions. Using the contrast between darkness and light, her work transitions between macro- and micro-cosmic worlds.

Sanford’s practice focuses on exploring the physical nature of light. She is interested in its’ ephemeral aspects as a means for marking time. Refracting light through various surfaces, she capture its’ transient forms using digital photography. These ethereal images are used in combination with photo-silkscreen, digital techniques and drawing to create water-based screenprints.

Her most recent body of work explores the passage of time as an annotated linear experience, as well as a series of memories. Layered images of prints on paper and film give the illusion of a portal into mysterious landscapes. In contrast, her use of delicate paper surfaces in combination with metallic inks captures the elusive nature of light; highlighting single moments of time spent and gone.

October, October Downtown
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