The Nook – Scott Johnson

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

1543 Pacific Ave, Suite 215

Santa Cruz

Scott Andrew Johnson, AKA “Scottie”, was born to Marian and Ralph Johnson in Danville, CA, in 1975. Raised in the bay area, Scott was influenced by the diverse culture and artistic mecca of San Francisco. After attending art school, Scott began an introspective journey creating various works on wood and canvas expanding from the taught knowledge of school. Being influenced by his own journey of transitioning from female to male, he found himself through each stroke of paint. 

Scott attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco from , and has worked in mixed medium, oils, water color and charcoal on canvas, wood and various papers. In addition to his work with paint and charcoal, Scott is an avid photographer and has used photo images to document numerous subjects from nature to graffiti, unique buildings to people of diverse cultural backgrounds and various other compelling images. 


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