The True Olive Connection – Carol Smidt-Shaw

6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

106 Lincoln Street

Santa Cruz

Carolee Smidt received her B.A. from San Jose State University in 1988. Ten years later she opened her business, Pottery Pear, where she restored damaged pottery/china, paper, jade, alabaster and even a marble fireplace. During these years she developed a passion for working with acrylics and started painting on canvases too.   She closed the doors on Pottery Pear in January 2017 to devote her creative penchant to painting.

Raised on a chicken ranch in Sacramento and a dairy in Watsonville, Carolee developed a passion for the outdoors and the colors and texture found in nature. This is reflected in all of her artwork.

Carolee is always searching for new techniques and methods to capture the inspiration she finds in nature.  Her art is constantly evolving with her travels around the country and abroad.  In some works you will find pieces of her travels joining the art, such as sand from a Hawaiian beach or bark from a Paperbark Maple in Utah.  She creates a small series of works based on each trip.  She is attempting to capture not only images she sees along the way, but also the emotion those places evoke.  For her, nature IS art on a forever changing canvas that she strives to express in her own way. 

Carolee lives in Felton, California.  She can be reached at 831/359-7665, by email at and on facebook at CaroleeArt.

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