Wargin Wines – Adrienne Momi

4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

11 Hangar Way


Wargin Wines is thrilled to present our First Friday Artist Adrienne Momi with her stunning collection of paintings at our Watsonville Winery. Join us this Friday for a celebration of Art & Wine. Light nibbles, and a great way to come together and take a collective pause. 

About Adrienne

What is art, if not a depiction of tension–of merged dualities. Scholarship and esthetics; the inner and the outer self: the masculine and the feminine, the light and the dark? These are the underlying themes in my work.

For forty-five years, I have exhibited my work nationally andinternationally as a professional printmaker, bookbinder, painter and hand paper maker. I have created monumental site installations exploring our relationship with the environment, and delving into the collective unconscious our culture. Communicating with the universe in such “big” ways,these site specific projects have changed lives, and fostered newideas in their viewers as well as in their maker…..www.adirennemomi.com

June, June Watsonville
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