Wargin Wines – Marie Massey

4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

11 Hangar Way


Wargin Wines is thrilled to present our First Friday Artist Marie Massey with her stunning collection of paintings at our Watsonville Winery. Join us this Friday for a celebration of Art & Wine. Light nibbles, and a great way to come together and take a collective pause. 

About Marie

Focusing on Beauty

My paintings start with a sense of fascination and inquiry- what is unique and beautiful about a scene or subject? My challenge is to capture and communicate that special beauty with paint.

Sometimes the idea for a painting spontaneously presents itself as in plein air painting. I am inspired by the quiet meandering of a river, the vastness of a desert gorge or the way afternoon sun highlights the curve of an arch or the angle of a roof top. Sometimes my paintings are inspired by many impressions and feelings of a place. These paintings are all about using technique to express relationships, to create a sense of distance, time and space.(more at mariemassey.com)

May, May Watsonville
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