Participate as an Artist

First Friday Artist Registry Information:

The First Friday Artist Registry is an opportunity to connect your work with First Friday venues, curators and general art-enthusiasts. Register today and create a profile that will be viewed specifically by people looking for artists to show. Setting up a profile takes minutes and you can update it and make changes anytime you like.

An annual subscription costs only $25. We use PayPal for secure, online transactions

Join the First Friday Artist Registry today!  Begin by clicking the Paypal button below:

First Friday Santa Cruz is dedicated to supporting the cultural advancement of Santa Cruz through promoting Artists.

How to participate as an artist:

Each venue is responsible for finding and arranging with their own First Friday Artist. Every venue has a different relationship with its artists and with First Friday. Some venues are booked as far as a year in advance and have a very structured process for selecting artists. Other venues don’t know who they will feature a week before the submission deadline and are hoping you will come through the door.

3 ways to find venues:

  1. Look at this months participating venues and find artists who share a similar sensibility with the work that you would like to show. Find the venue profile in the “Venues” listing and email them a link to your work.
  2. Sign up for the First Friday Artists Registry. It costs $25 for a year and your work will be up where venues and others are looking. Venues will also be able to link to your registry profile directly when you are exhibiting in their venue. For more information or to register, see below. 
  3. Create your own venue. There are lots of businesses who would likely participate as a First Friday venue if they had someone to help coordinate it. If you have a relationship with a potential venue – check out the Information for new venues.

If none of those work, there’s always the possibility of creating a site specific installation somewhere. If you have ideas and would like help, contact us.