Alexia Kallaehne

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First Friday Artist Image

I learned woodworking in Germany when I was 19 years old. After a period of time trying to fit in doing custom made furniture in Germany and in China, I felt that this world has more to offer. I packed my life in boxes and arrived with a back pack, a small amount of cash but heart full of trust in BC Canada. After countless up and downs, adventures, spiritual growth and the good old question of who am I.. I found the Wood Vibe Tribe in a small Village called Cumberland on Vancouver Island. Way to shy and insecure to approach that gang of awsome humans I just stood in front  of their art and thought to myself: "this is what I want to do! Life in this small village, do Wood Magic and travel around with it." 

And here I am. 

Not am I only trying to master the tools that help me create this magical pieces. It's more like doing a painting. The design  for a  piece is the steady base and as I am in the process of building, new ideas  arise. New structures develop. Like a painter uses her Canvas and Paint I use the Wood and Tools to create new forms and shapes. 

First Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist Image