Amber Romano

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First Friday Artist Image

The Artist

I am an artist based in Santa Cruz California a place that in my heart I most consider home. I was born in Chicago, Illinois on June 14th 1990. I feel constantly inspired. I have had much beauty and pain in my life which has deepened the meaning of my work as well as my life. My love for art began humbly at the age of 6 when I was coloring in a coloring book, thoroughly enjoying myself. I have taken art courses in community college while in high school. I attended CSSSA with a scholarship the summer before beginning college and I was fortunate enough to go to the Idyllwild arts retreat through a scholarship prior to that. I also have enjoyed live painting and exhibitions. I took a “break” academically from art to pursue my passion for psychology although I regularly painted and integrated my art in my academics in any way I could. At one point, I considered myself split between two worlds, psychology and art. One day it dawned upon me, I must marry these two halves within myself to be truly whole. I do not need to perceive psychology and art as inherently different, rather they are one in the same. Psychology is an art, art creation can be therapeutic, and art in it of its self can inspire healing and growth in others. I am now taking many wonderful courses for art at Cabrillo College and preparing a portfolio to apply to an MFA program in studio art or pictorial art. I am currently working toward experiencing the process of creating as much I can in this life.

The Art

The way in which we perceive our world determines how we live our lives.  Our perception of our world is skewed by whether we perceive our world and circumstance as supporting or restricting us. In some cases the perception that we are restricted in our opportunity is true in regards to prejudice and there is no means in the outside world that can limit the growth and state of our internal world when we realize our own power. If we color our perception with a sense of gratitude then we may live in a way that allows us to recognize what we do have, to desire less materially, and thus to consume less. My art illuminates the beauty of the introspective experience that plays an integral in role healing the self in order to make room for fostering a sense of gratitude. The goal of this work is to show that our understanding of our world is based in how we perceive our world. The power to change our circumstance can be encouraged by finding a way to perceive our situation in a way that a negative circumstance can be overcome or in many cases unmasking the beauty of our life in the present moment. By expressing subject matter in our day to day lives in a way that we do not usually see it I am playing with the nature of perception and how much power we have to change our lives for the better. 


In order to work toward understanding our perceptions we must travel the introspective path toward healing and growing to become who we are, really. The self is in a constant state of flux and there are parts of us that are constant and genuinely reflective of who we really are. Waking into the realization we are human is the beginning of a life long journey of growth and connection. I believe it is possible for art to encourage one to heal. By putting on display the visceral experience of healing one may become inspired or perhaps re-energized in their already existing inspiration toward their own path of healing. Through their work on this path, they can come to feel for themselves what the art is expressing. It is truly up to the viewer as to whether this body of work will encourage healing within them. In order for one to truly gain the benefits of gratitude, they must process and heal from the pains in their past while maintaining balance within the beauty they have experienced in their past and present.


Part of the  expression of gratitude for being in my work is expressed by integrating just one of the many wondrous structures and systems that allow for life to exist, the root structure. This structure is seen in river systems from an aerial view, veins, plant roots, tree branches, and the neuron network in our brain. This structure has given us pathways that support existence for example: the ability to have fresh water flowing all around the earth, to have blood flow through our veins, to have roots to nourish plant life that provide food, oxygen and beauty, and to send signals within the brain and to the body in order to support thought and movement. One impeccable thing about this structure is that it is repeating in nature and it is an example of how we are truly a part of this world. By highlighting gratitude for this structure I am also highlighting how connected we truly are to one another and to the world in that we are made of the same structures as one another and of the world. 

First Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist Image