brian sarinova

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First Friday Artist Image

Sculptor, painter, photographer, storyteller, film-maker, and muralist Brian Sarinova uses a multi-media approach to reveal the allegory that lies within the vision. Brian loves the challenge of building large-scale works of art which require him to innovate, collaborate, and venture beyond perceived technical limits.Though originally a Californian, Brian spent many years working in archaeology, coproducing with other artists, and leaving a legacy of private and publicly created artwork in New Mexico. In 2014, Brian relocated to Santa Cruz to begin an entirely new body of work.    For a time that is evolving in space and concept intend in rhythm and form, the human body conveys to us our own understanding of truth and desire of life and death. As we sink into our own conception of birth we find the persistent grasp of breath and flight of imagination always reaching for what happens next. In this most recent body of work being conveyed though photograph, sculpture and oil on canvas Sarinova brings forth a raw interpretation of these elements. Captured within the minute moment of a planed stage is found the unforeseen beauty of life.

First Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist Image