Christine Moran

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MOBILES - Art that Moves!!!

Often fascinated with kinetic art, Moran has delved into making mobiles.  This new phase of her artistic career has brought  much joy to the artist and those viewing her work. “There is something so fascinating about art that moves,” she said. “It is interesting to integrate the mechanics of building, balance, and color, into a piece that is beautiful to look at, while also offering a peaceful movement to the viewer.”  And with most of her work, she is playing with size and functions of movement.  She recently completed a 6-foot by 7-foot piece for a cathedral ceiling hanging. Her work has recently been on display at the Mountain Art Center in Ben Lomond and at several homes and businesses. She thinks of herself as industrious and likes to problem solve and improve on any project that she initiates.


Moran is better known for her 50-year stretch of coil-built pottery. Her work is on permanent display at the Abbe Museum of Stone Age Antiquities in Bar Harbor, Maine where she reproduced ancient Passamoquoddy and Iroquois cooking vessels. She worked closely with the Maine State Archaeologist, Arthur Speiss, to produce the coil built pieces. She hand dug clay from a local hillside, built the pottery, and fired the vessels in a naturally occurring pit. Her pottery has been featured in magazines such as Monterey Life and the Australian publication Ceramics: Art & Perception (2007).

Chris Moran earned her Art Degree at Cabrillo College and her B.S. In Archaeology/Anthropology at San Jose State.

First Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist Image