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First Friday Artist Image

Carlos Vasile McCoy-Olguin

Felton, CA 95018

Currently, my work is inspired by notions of apocalypse and rebirth. On January 3rd, 2003, at age 28, drunk, destitute and without a high school diploma, I began a new life journey through substance abuse rehabilitation. As a re-entry student I attended West Valley College in Saratoga, CA for 5 years before finally transferring to UCSC where I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2011. Today, at age 39, in addition to my love for the visual arts, I play percussion in a locally emerging Reggae/Rock group, The Remedy, and most importantly am a proud husband and stay-at-home father. My daughter, Indigo, was born on June 9th, 2014 and I am reborn, someway, every time we share a gaze.

My ongoing series, Apocalypta Celebrata: A Goddess at Play , opens a dialogue to explore apocalypse in its original Greek sense, as a “disclosure of knowledge,” “lifting of the veil,” or “revelation” in conjunction with the most common modern day usage, as a term used to describe the ultimate end-of-the-world scenario. When we are born we experience our first apocalypse, as the inner world of mother's womb comes to a wonderfully cataclysmic end. As we grow and learn, certain truths are revealed, and our worldview changes, sometimes drastically.

Are we precious specks or insignificant cosmic dust? Are efforts to protect the environment in order to prevent a homemade apocalypse futile? Is everything so interconnected that our world's end is inevitable and necessary in order for life to spring forth elsewhere? Looking into my infant daughter's eyes, my little, apocalyptic goddess at play, I can only celebrate these great mysteries as the journey goes on.

Picasso, Pollock, Dali, The Impressionists, Rick Griffin and the Big Five and Alex Grey are among my favorite inspirations. I tend to work with paint I have mixed to various degrees of fluidity. With each piece I remain open to utilizing both spontaneous and intentional approaches to technique and composition, letting them evolve through a unique process of apocalypse and rebirth. The final stage involves refining details and letting all of my thematic contemplations morph to emerge as a title.

Jackson Pollock once said, “Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is.” Through this lens all of the pieces in this series can be viewed as self-portraits.


First Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist Image