Deb R Collins

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Deb R Collins

As a watercolor and acrylic artist, I've spent years behind the canvas. What always bothered me was that I wanted to find a way to share my art with a larger group of people in a more affordable way.

Resin Pendants
I decided to scale down the size of my artwork to little pendants that were still original one-of-a-kind paintings but that also reasonably priced. My first problem was how to display them in a way that wouldn't damage the artwork. Not wanting to take on metalworking at the time, I found some metal pendant blanks and was able to design the paper-based artwork to fit. I sealed the artwork using an environmentally friendly resin and sold them by word of mouth.

Enamel Jewelry to last a lifetime
Although my customers never seemed to mind, I never really liked the idea of using metal blanks made by someone else. Even when I sold paintings I made my own frames. I had taken several jewelry metalworking classes over the years so I decided to see if there was a way to make my own pendant blanks for my artwork. While I was exploring this, I came across some antique enamel brooches that had the most amazing paintings on them. That was my lightbulb moment! I realized that I could literally paint with vitreous enamel.

Now, everything I make is 100% made by me. I like it that way.

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First Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist Image