Diana Walsworth

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Diana Viacheslavovna Walsworth’s inspiration for her artwork comes from her love of the wild outdoors, where she frequently has unique encounters with animals. She has been chased by sea lions, circled by a great white shark, gobbled with turkeys, and strolled in the forest next to a rattlesnake. Diana seeks to share her experiences, love for life, and appreciation for nature through her artwork.

Diana has invented her own painting process, where she dabs acrylic paint onto her canvases using a sewing needle. The result of this patient approach is a beautiful textured representation that brings depth to her art. 

Diana was born in Moscow, Russia, and moved to California at the age of six. Within this new life, she became a horse trainer, barefoot skateboarder and surfer. The surf culture and University pulled her to settle in Santa Cruz, where she worked with local start-ups and in Silicon Valley. Diana became a full-time artist in 2017. 

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Brink - The Art of Conservation, is my way of spotlighting species that are in serious plight due to human impact - some may even become extinct within my lifetime. I use art - the great communicator that penetrates people's hearts and minds - to provide a glimpse into nature that is out of balance. I invite my audience to pause, think, learn, and maybe fall in love and take action. 
The species portrayed within Brink are all “protected” on some level, whether it be local, national, or international designations. A few of the paintings share circumstances of human impact, representing that there are no hard lines in nature and impact is not linear. Habitat loss and contamination, invasive species, and economic development are often rapid and catastrophic. The Brink Stories are meant to show us the magnitude of situations which may seem distant and far away, to show that our actions are far reaching, and are not to be taken lightly. 
I have abstained from using overt symbolism, colors, etc. to express the drastic situation in which these animals are surviving. Instead, I elect to use animal expression and beauty to create a place of solace within the painting - much like the solace I find when playing out in nature. 
Profits from Brink will be sent to local, grassroots organizations that are working to conserve the animals portrayed within the paintings. 

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