Dominic Yarbrough, Costanoa Classics

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Costanoa Continuation High School provides a second chance for Santa Cruz students who struggled in standard schools. Instead of pushing students through a school where they are not compatible with the learning environment, Costanoa High School uses a more individualized approach to teaching, and offers students the opportunity to learn through application.

Costanoa Classics is a class that does exactly this. Dominic Yarbrough teaches a comprehensive course that integrates physics, economic studies, geometry, and art, in the context of skateboard design and production. Costanoa Classics engages students to teach them not only the high school standards, but skills and experience that will support them years after they graduate high school.

A community has been created where students pour their attention and self expression into hands-on, educational projects. Students spend weeks crafting each board so, naturally, they are invested in the production and marketing of their hand designed boards. Purchasing a board not only supports these student’s education, but proceeds go to supplying future students with the materials to continue this effective class.

All of the decks were designed, produced, and marketed by students at Costanoa Continuation School. In the process, they learned about geometric construction, small business management, and creative problem solving. Every day, the students spend two periods  connecting math, physics, economy, and art, to their own lives, while constructing these skateboards. Every deck you see has been attentively crafted by talented students starting from simple sheets of maple veneer.

First Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist Image