Don Golden

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My mother's passion for art inspired me to become an artist. She was a portrait artist working in pastels and oils. We would sit and talk for hours about the history of art, her start in drawing, styles, techniques, why DaVinci did it the way he did and why, her favorite artist, Van Gogh did it his way. She would guide me in color selection, which helped me in my layout of glass; she taught me how to achieve the focal point and how to tell a story with my glass art. My artwork, whether it be stained glass, kiln worked glass, oils, or any other medium I choose to try will always be dedicated to my mother who passed away on June 9, 2011.

While in junior high, I started to develop my interest for art and was always creating things out of what ever material I could find to use such as; building models of the California missions out of plaster of Paris, balsa wood for P-37’s and Flying Fortresses from WWII, various woodworking projects, etc. I tried various mediums over the years before discovering the beauty of stained glass and its reflective abilities. After many years of working with stained glass, which helped me find my own voice, I wanted more. So, in Oct of 2010, after seeing what kiln worked glass could add to my stained glass pieces, I started learning how to fuse glass pieces together.

As for my art today, I create organic and non-organic patterns and images in glass.  My work is flat, or slumped and draped over objects or into molds. My work is not blown but it is produced in a kiln using cut, crushed and powdered glass. Once I’ve cut and assembled all the pieces of a project, the glass is then fused together to make one solid piece. After which it is either slumped or draped into a specific shape.

I choose to work in glass because it is a material that transmits and reflects light as no other material can do. When light passes through glass, the magical mystery tour has arrived; the glass glows and emits numerous colors. Glass is a material whose beauty can rival that of the most precious gems or metal, yet it can be found anywhere we look, in churches, decorating our doors and windows, as a serving tray or holding water at our dinner table.  A lot of my work has been about my love of nature and the relationship humans have with it. It is organic and wild, but still controlled. Glass is precious and elite, yet common and ordinary; much like people.

First Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist Image