Ed & Ash

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Who We Are:With over 12 years of design experience, we are a husband and wife team who aim to make beutiful and well designed lettpress art prints, greeting cards and custom designs as well as educating others with our hands on workshops.

About the Press:Its a Golding Pearl no 11, Built in 1902 and 730 lbs…We found our press in Richmond, CA and it was in a pretty rough state. It wasn't being used and a restoration was needed... parts have been hard to find but we consider it a resposiblity to put her back together again. It now runs smoothly and now resides at 17th Ave Studios.

Workshops: Learn to Print Letterpress 

This is a hands on opportunity for you and your friends to create your own custom prints with this antique printing process. Designed for the beginner, these workshops are available for up to four people in order to give each person ample press time. You can experience the satisfaction of makeing your own prints in a confortable, safe, and friendly environment.

You will learn:

- How to use a Golding Pearl foot-treadle press, The Inking & Printing Process, How to set lead type or design your own compositions via lino cut blocks, How to order and print with polymer plates.

Make Your Own:

- Greeting & Thank You Cards-Wedding Invites & Save the Dates- Business Cards, Stationary & Collatoral, Special Events & Announcements, Custom Art Prints

* our press is 7″x11″ and limited within those design constraints.

Please contact us to set up a time to discuss your project that you have in mind and to recieve a quote for materials.We will then supply all the paper and ink needed for your project.

Feel free to contact us to make an apointment or come visit us on first fridays.

First Friday Artist Image