Emily Meehan

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First Friday Artist Image

Born 1991

Emily Meehan was raised in Napa, California and has been a student of art since early childhood. With parents who are both artistically and musically inclined, Emily was encouraged at a young age to start making work and honing her skills in the painting and drawing arena since a young age. Though she utilizes a variety of artistic styles, Meehan's work is always fueled by an electric color palette comprised of fluorescent reds, yellows and pinks inspired by the mainstream media and advertising.


I have become fixated on how human consumption, specifically in excess, affects one’s body and the state of their environment. The way that capitalism has driven Americans to consume food, alcohol, beauty products, oil and various other material goods meant to bring about temporary convenience and happiness is a point of endless fascination. I have always taken a lot of inspiration from the ideas and objects that we human beings are forever enticed by and consider valuable. Things such as fame, riches, leisure activities, sensory indulgence, and all other materials that help us maintain a 'comfortable' or 'joyful' life are all points of reference for the majority of my artwork. I often enjoy painting and drawing in a hyper-realistic style gives me a relieving feeling of control that I feel is absent in most other parts of my life.

First Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist Image