Erik Oberg

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First Friday Artist Image

Erik is a nature-loving photographer with a deep affinity for the ocean. His artistic work reflects his passions - a daily connection with the local swell, no matter where he is, and years of conservation fieldwork on remote islands. Erik's photos have been featured in the Surfers Journal, Science Magazine, and several internet outlets. He has traveled internationally documenting crucially endangered species including the Pinzon Island tortoise in the Galapagos, and finds inspiration from the local land and seascapes that surround Santa Cruz. Picking up a camera allows Erik to capture the natural world as he sees it and share that visual perspective with others. His techniques include fast shutter for breaking waves, long exposure for starlit skylines, and detailed macro shots. To see Erik's galleries, visit  or follow him on Instagram: @eoberg_shotsof

First Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist Image