Jeri Anderson

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Jeri grew up in Cincinnati Ohio, has a degree in biology and has pursued a variety of creative interests over the years.  Her early work was mostly pencil sketches and pastels.   To further her art education and meet other artists, Jeri attends workshops and classes taught by local artists, Ann Thiermann,  Seana Mallen, Margaret Renner-Hellman, and Mike Bailey, among others. Recently, she has been working in watercolor and mixed media with a group of local Santa Cruz artists and is actively pursuing development of a body of work in those mediums.  Her style ranges from realistic, to very loose and even graphic novel-like depending on the project or subject matter ( examples posted below ).   Jeri is interested in rendering local Santa Cruz scenery, architecture, and people as well as animal portraiture.   She is a member of the Santa Cruz Art League and the 2020-2021 on line Open Studios Venture - Visual Arts Network ( all works to date are pictured on her page ).   Jeri also participates in community fundraisers.  The annual "hearts for the arts" by the Santa Cruz Arts Council, and most recently, the 2020 fundraiser for local families impacted by the 2020 fire season.  Jeri shows and sells her artwork  ( including Giclee reproductions in cards, prints of various sizes and framed prints ) at the "Art of Santa Cruz" gallery in the Capitola Mall.  

Upcoming art displays and events:

Blitzer Gallery, Santa Cruz. Feb.3, to March 28 - three original works available to view and purchase.  Pacific Avenue at night - Sold, but Pastel of horses and watercolor of two sleeping kittens are still available.  

Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Company, 1330 Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz.  July first through August 31 2021. 

Skill development resources, local teachers, organizations and classes I would recommend:

Basic skills and information: On line

  • Denise Snoden.  "In Liquid Color" youtube artist who primarily creates animal watercolor paintings and educational watercolor videos.  Very concise structure to presentation of information and an easy to follow explanation style.
  •  For the materials information junkie, this is a great site.  Detailed descriptions of watercolor tools/paper and technique demonstrations ( not videos though, more like an encyclopedic style ).  Well described color mixing  charts, color relationship diagrams and suggestions of pigments to mix specific colors.  You can find a specific topic or browse for hours in a well organized information library.

Basic to professional skill development through local Santa Cruz classes/teachers:

  • Local santa cruz painters/teachers:
    • Ann Thiermann - Pastel and Mural Artist who often teaches through Cabrillo College extension classes.  Good technical knowledge, a wide range of subject matter skills with a very helpful and encouraging teaching style.  She often has a plein air component to her classes. Please see her website for more information.
    •  Seana Mallen - printing, watercolor, acrylic, oil, mixed media, with great technique proficiency.  A generous sharer of knowledge and resources from a lifetime of world travel and art practice.  Today she often splits her time between US and England but when in town, teaches classes at the Santa Cruz art league and private lessons. Please see her website for more information.
    • Margaret Renner-Hellman - local pastel, watercolor and oil painter.  Good teacher of basic to professional skill in all media.  Stresses fundamentals and often offers classes through Santa Cruz Art League as well as longer art retreats in France, Italy and other locations. Please see her website for more information.
    • Mike Bailey - stresses fundamentals, but challenges himself and his students with techniques to dig deeper, uncovering alternative artistic avenues hidden by our comfort zones.   He offers a master color class, and a "make yourself stretch" classes titled Beyond the Obvious.  Please see his website and blog for more information.
First Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist Image