Katherine Weber

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Hello! I’m Kat Weber and my daily titles include wife, mother, photo editor, sticker designer and painter. I was born in beautiful Santa Cruz County, and continue to reside here with my wonderful husband and two energetic boys. 

Throughout my youth and into college I spent thousands of hours trying to direct my creativity, painting what I thought others wanted to see. I regularly felt uninspired as an artist. Thankfully as an adult I allowed myself the freedom to experiment with new styles, themes, painting techniques, and color palettes. This enlightening process is what led me to acrylic gouache and the aesthetic I continue to express in my art today!

The botanical world is my muse, and I surround myself with a jungle of inspiration! I’ve come to realize just how magnificent, complex, resilient, and meditative plants can be.

At the end of my life I hope to look back and know I allowed myself to bloom, faced my challenges head on, and added just a bit of color, beauty, and love to this complex world… it’s a magical ride!

Next Show: "Into the Garden"

Date: Friday, November 1st 2019

Location: Botanic and Luxe, Downtown Santa Cruz

Instagram: @katweberart