Kristin Gustavson

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First Friday Artist Image

Kristin Gustavson is a second generation artist selling her creations in the Bay Area for over 17 years.  She grew up running around in her dad's art studio creating her own worlds of clay, wood and paint.  She discovered early on that her art was a way for her to express herself when she had no words.  As time went on she discovered how drawn to story telling she is.  Her paintings all have stories of their own.  She has written and published 2 books.  Her first book featured a series of paintings in which she told the story behind the painting allowing the onlooker to delve deeper into the art and connect not only on a visual level, but also on an emotional and intellectual level.  She just completed her first children's book, "A Bunny Named Piper", which will be released at a first Friday Event on May 6th.  

First Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist Image