Kyle Kusa

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I'm 27 year old artist hailing from New York living in Santa Cruz and studying biology. I work in a variety of mediums but photography is my passion. I use intimate images of birds and other animals to promote conservation.  This was exhibited in my 2017 solo show with National Parks Service, "Barrier Island Birds."

"Barrier Island Birds" was exhibited at the Fire Island National Seashore's visitors center, the only federally designated wilderness area in New York State, and utilized the  building’s unique octagonal architecture and panoramic views. Eight bird photographs are placed on the window panes relative to an outside location where they can be naturally seen. Drawing attention to Fire Island birds, the artist seeks to bring awareness of the critical role these birds play in maintaining healthy biodiversity within the fragile coastal ecology. Both for migrating species, and native ones, Fire Island, and by extension, Long Island, provide a crucial habitat for the eight birds on display.

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First Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist Image